What do water bottles, tomatoes, and Playstation controllers have in common? Why are we talking about them on a cancer awareness site?

Well, these items and more are helping us talk about testicular cancer in a new way.  

Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in testicle-havers between the ages of 15 and 34–but it’s also one of the most beatable. The 5-year survival rate for all testicular cancers is 95%! But it’s still generally a taboo to talk about the common symptoms of testicular cancer: lumps, swelling, and/or pain in or around the testicles or scrotum.

This month, we’re starting on the road to try and change that. By using everyday objects–like water bottles and game controllers–that have been slightly altered, we hope to start a conversation about the common symptoms of testicular cancer. For example, a lumpy coffee cup may intrigue a young person who otherwise would automatically tune out a cancer awareness campaign, and encourage them to seek out more information.

Our hope is to provide something a little humorous, a little surprising, and to get people talking about this beatable cancer to help more folks with testicles catch it early and improve their odds.

Help us spread the message by sharing your favorite images and linking to the American Cancer Society website, where there is a plethora of information on everything from how testicular cancer forms, to what to potentially expect during treatment. And, of course, even small donations go a long way toward helping our mission of increasing awareness for the early detection of cancers of all types.