Lights, Camera, Action!

These aren’t typically terms associated with cancer awareness—unless you’re here at Catch It In Time. Using an innovative video storytelling approach, the expert creatives on the Catch It In Time team help cancer survivors tell their personal stories in order to spread awareness about the early detection of cancer. As a 501(c)(3), we at Catch It In Time strive to share the message about the early detection of cancer in a fun and entertaining way.

Many cancers can be successfully treated if they are caught in time. We hope that our unique approach to cancer awareness can make the conversation around cancer easier, encourage people to take charge of their own health, and—ultimately—save lives. All with the power of a video camera and a creative outlook.

Our Story

Up to 40% of people will face cancer in their lifetime. Of the remainder, most personally know someone who will face the disease in one form or another. The Catch It In Time family is no exception.

In 2008, Catch It In Time founder Keith Singer was confronted with the loss of a good friend’s son to colorectal cancer at only 37 years old. Despite the presence of symptoms, his age and lack of a previous cancer history delayed the appropriate tests. If he had caught it time, he might still be here today.

Touched by the loss, and inspired by watching many other friends and family battle cancer, Keith knew there had to be something he could do to give back to the community and help provide other people with the tools to better understand the importance of early detection.

Catch It In Time was founded in 2011, with the idea that cancer awareness should be a part of everyone’s daily conversation. Since the beginning, our goal has been to empower people to take control of their own health and encourage them to seek help when something doesn’t feel right. Catch It In Time is about taking action early, being aware of individual changes, and distributing life-saving information.

In the years since its inception, Catch It In Time has grown. We now encompass an extraordinarily talented team of creatives dedicated to the cause and our creative storytelling approach. Late in 2016, Catch It In Time officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

With your help, we are looking forward to making an even bigger impact by continuing to shine a spotlight on cancer.

Catch It In Time Executive Team

Keith Singer

Founder & Executive Director

With more than 35 years in broadcasting and communications, Keith specializes in telling stories that people actually want to watch. Keith created CIIT as a means to help spread the message that early detection must be part of everyday life.

Roger Miller

President & Operations Director

Roger comes to CIIT with more than 45 years experience in non-profits, communications and project management. Roger has lost 8 immediate family members to cancer and faced skin cancer himself.

Michael Barron

Finance Director

Michael Barron joined the team to assist with fundraising and business development. His diverse background in business spans over 45 years in the insurance industry and is owner of four additional businesses. Michael is passionate about CIIT and the importance of early cancer detection.

Emily Singer

Community Manager

Emily joined the CIIT team with expertise in written communication and social media marketing. After losing her grandfather to cancer, and watching a friend’s younger sister battle Melanoma, she is passionate about using her skills to make a difference.

Phil Bowman

Web Master

Phil is a seasoned web developer and digital creative. He is passionate about humanitarian causes and using web technologies to help make the world a better place. When not helping out with CIIT, he’s busy digitally empowering humanity at Studio Arcadia.