Catch It In Time isn’t just about cancer. It’s about life.

Catch It In Time is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that brings storytellers and other creatives together with the opportunity to raise awareness for the early detection of cancer, which could very well save lives. Your tax-deductible donation supports our unique distribution efforts, and helps us engage the people who most need cancer education in new and exciting ways.

We are a passionate, creative team on a mission to raise awareness about the early detection of cancer—without doom and gloom or overly-complicated medical jargon. We aren’t doctors or medical professionals, and we know the people who need this information generally aren’t, either. Instead, our team leverages extensive backgrounds in video production, marketing, digital communications, and PR to bring conversations about cancer out of the doctor’s office and into the movie theatre of your everyday life.

Using video and other creative storytelling methods, we distribute survivor stories across a broad network to drive awareness about the early detection of cancer, innovative research, and cutting-edge treatment options available today. We firmly believe that increasing awareness of cancer symptoms, screenings, and treatments can help save lives.

Featured Stories

Chuck Aaron

Red Bull’s aerobatic helicopter pilot fights skin cancer.

Paul Kalanithi

A neurosurgeon and never-smoker fights stage 3 lung cancer.

Hollie Krell

Going “Over the Edge” with Cancer League of Colorado. 

Suzanne Sanderson

A patient’s instinct, intuition, and inspiration. See how she is thriving through cancer.

Kimberly Ringen

A Super Bowl fitting her fight. Raising money for Lung Cancer Colorado.

Murphy Huston

A radio host with an unusual diagnosis. Learn more about how he caught it in time.