A Historic Airplane and it’s Inspiring Captain

Introduced in 1926, the Ford Trimotor airplane is distinguished by its corrugated aluminum covering and its memorable history. The Trimotor served all three branches of the U.S. military, many airlines, many corporations, and 20 foreign countries, making an invaluable part of American history.

In the late ’50s, Chuck LeMaster bought a 1929 model, originally intending to use the historic plane as a spray plane. When the plane was destroyed in a wind storm, the Experimental Aircraft Association helped rebuild it, and it now tours the country, offering rides to aviation and history enthusiasts alike.

Chuck wouldn’t still be flying if he hadn’t caught his skin cancer in time. Due to a lot of time flying in the sun without suncreen, hats, or long-sleeved shirts, Chuck developed cancerous moles on his arms and head. Luckily, he was treated quickly and is now still flying, and helping to spread awareness of how important it is to both prevent cancer, and catch it early.

Read more information on skin cancer: http://www.skincancer.org/