So, what’s the story?

Catch It In Time was founded in 2011 by Keith Singer. Keith, like many of us, has been affected by cancer throughout his life. He first lost his Grandmother to skin cancer; since then, many friends and family have fought the disease. In 2008, a good friend lost his 37-year-old son to colorectal cancer very quickly after receiving the diagnosis. He had shown symptoms, but with his young age and without any previous history of cancer, the appropriate tests were delayed until it was too late. If only he had caught it in time…

This organization was founded with the idea that cancer awareness should be a part of everyone’s daily conversation. Our goal is to empower people to take control of their own health and encourage them to seek help when something isn’t feeling right. It’s about taking action early and it’s about saving lives.

The team has grown over the years, as others have been touched by the mission and our creative approach to cancer awareness communications. Late in 2016, Catch It In Time officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit and officially formed the executive team. Together, we are looking forward to growing the organization and making an even bigger impact on the surrounding community by shining a light on cancer awareness.


Our Executive Team

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Keith Singer

Founder & Executive Director

With more than 35 years in broadcasting and communications, Keith specializes in telling stories that people actually want to watch. Keith created CIIT as a means to help spread the message that early detection must be part of everyday life.

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Roger Miller

President & Operations Director

Roger comes to CIIT with more than 45 years experience in non-profits, communications and project management. Roger has lost 8 immediate family members to cancer and faced skin cancer himself.

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Stephanie Short

Marketing Director

Stephanie brings expertise in strategic marketing, web design, digital communications and event planning to the team. She is passionate about health, the community and making an impact – CIIT is the perfect combination of all three.

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Michael Barron

Finance Director

Michael Barron joined the team to assist with fundraising and business development. His diverse background in business spans over 45 years in the insurance industry and is owner of four additional businesses. Michael is passionate about CIIT and the importance of early cancer detection.

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Creative Contributors

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Erica Jaffe

Freelance Videographer & Editor

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Emily Singer

Content & Social Media

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Rand Lechner

Freelance Videographer & Producer

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Phil Bowman

Web Design & Development

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Sam Brennan

Graphic Design

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Jon Clark

Freelance Producer & Editor