Catch It In Time Video Challenge

Creatively engaging students in cancer awareness

New cancer diagnoses for 18 to 35 year olds in the US every year.
People born in 1990 and later have 2x the risk of Colon Cancer than their parents.
People born in 1990 and later have 4x the risk of Rectal Cancer than their parents.
Cancer accounts for 10% of all deaths in this age group.

The good news? The majority of these cancers can be successfully treated if caught in time.

Join the challenge in 2020 and make a difference!

The Catch It In Time Cancer Awareness Video Challenge  helps raise awareness for cancer and the importance of early detection in young people. Cancer is the leading cause of death for 18 to 35 year olds, with cancer rates steadily on the rise.

Catch It In Time has partnered with the Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media to bring together top video and broadcast professionals, healthcare organizations, cancer non-profits, and local businesses to support this year’s challenge. Our goal is to provide students a unique opportunity to make a difference for their friends, families, and fellow students through creative short videos.

All high school and college students across the U.S. will be invited to submit their cancer awareness videos – PSAs, animations, music videos, inspirational stories, and more – for the chance to win prizes. The guidelines are simple. There are no costs to enter. And, students have a chance to see their videos distributed across Catch It In Time and our partner networks.

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Thank you to our Catch It In Time Cancer Awareness Video Challenge Partners!

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We are bringing together people from all over Colorado to support the Video Challenge. Check out these awesome promo videos:

Video with Dr. Christopher Lieu, G.I. Medical Oncologist

Video from Emily Griffith Video Production Students

Video with Donnie L. Betts, Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker

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