A Super Bowl Fitting Her Fight

“If it was a Hollywood script, it would be criticized for being too far-fetched. A cancer patient gets inspired to fight against her prognosis by her favorite NFL team, which, despite doubters and critics, makes it all the way to the Super Bowl.

Between rounds of chemotherapy, she flies to the big game with the help of a wheelchair and oxygen, meets one of her football idols who lost his sister to cancer and then sees her team defy the odds to win it all.

Yet Kimberly Ringen’s tale is not a movie script. The 38-year-old from Denver won a Super Bowl trip due to her inspirational fund-raising efforts while battling lung cancer, which she acquired through a genetic condition despite having never smoked a cigarette in her life.”

-An excerpt from USA Today’s article about Kim.

Kim Ringen is an extraordinary woman with a huge personality. Her trip to the Super Bowl raised money for the Lung Cancer Colorado Fund, and she’s still kicking! We are so grateful to Team Draft and the CU Lung Cancer Clinic for allowing us to help tell Kim’s story.